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Membership includes:

  • Goal setting.
    We all need something to aim for, so that’s why you will be setting yourself goals you want to achieve.

  • 1:1 training sessions.
    These will be either weight training, Fitness Pilates or Trigger Point Pilates sessions - or a mixture of all three, depending on your personal fitness goals.


  • Nutrition management.
    We will improve your relationship with food and get you out of old habits and behaviours and get you in the right head space when it comes to your nutrition. To make sure you are giving your body the nutrients it needs and deserves.


  • Fortnightly catch ups.
    Regular check ins to see how you are getting on with progress against your goals, and if we need to tweak anything to make sure of your success.

  • 4-weekly review.
    A chance to reflect on the past four weeks so we can see what's working for you, and what's not, make any relevant tweaks or changes, as well as celebrate your progress.

  • Virtual online workouts.
    Exclusive real-time virtual classes and online workouts available to all members via the members website, so you have the flexibility and choice to work out as and when you want to.

The above prices are per person, per month.

Membership terms and conditions.

  • Prices shown are for a month's membership.

  • You can renew your 1:1 membership at any time.

  • Monthly payments are to be paid in advance.

  • Sessions are non-transferable.

  • You can swap memberships once your current membership has ended, with notice.

  • 7 days notice is required to cancel your membership and membership payments are non-refundable.

  • Sessions are valid within 4 weeks of original scheduled booking.

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