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What were your greatest frustrations about your fitness & wellbeing before you joined fitclubwithel?

I didn't have a good understanding of what to do at the gym and had trouble staying motivated.


What made you join fitclubwithel?

El was recommended by a family member who attended El’s classes at our local gym.


What have been your greatest achievements whilst you’ve been a member?

Staying motivated! I've also really enjoyed the gym, as well as developing an understanding of what my body needs and seeing the progress I'm making.


What is your favourite thing about being a member of the fitclub crew?

The amount of care El has for all members and the community feel to the group.


What do you particularly like about El’s approach?

The holistic approach, caring about not only the fitness side but educating members on nutrition and checking in on how we are doing mentally.


How would you say this fitness service is different from others you’ve tried?

El has an understanding on the individuals needs and goals and is always checking in to see how you are.


If someone is considering whether or not to join, what would you tell them?

If you want a fab service, achieve results and have a laugh along the way definitely join!

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