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Wouldn’t it be great if…

  • You knew why you’re gaining extra weight around your tummy.

  • You understood why you were craving certain foods.

  • You knew why you feel like crap a lot of the time.

  • You understood why you're not seeing the results you used to when doing your usual fitness and diet plan.

Then you need to join my FREE workshop...








About the workshop…

‘Figuring out fat loss in your forties and beyond’ is a 90-minute free virtual workshop, choc full of advice and information to help us females over 40 to understand:

  • the changes to your body when we hit our 40s.

  • why fat loss is so much harder as we get older.

  • what you can do about it.

I'll be covering a variety of topics that impact us ladies over 40 - stress, sleep, hormones, food & nutrition, exercise and fat loss.


This workshop is for you if...

  • You’ve noticed that what you did before to lose weight doesn’t seem to work now.

  • You’re gaining inches around your tummy and you don’t know why.

  • You’re sick of going on diets every time you have a special occasion.

  • Want to understand why your body is reacting differently to exercise and dieting.

  • Need to know that you're going mad and that what's happening is perfectly normal.

Workshop details...

  • 90-minute workshop at 10.15am (GMT), Saturday 21 November via Zoom.

  • Once registered, you will receive an email on Friday 20 November with joining details.

  • Places are limited.


figuring out fat loss logo.JPG
figuring out fat loss logo.JPG
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