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If you want to train when you want, as well as having the structure of following a set workout routine, then this is the membership for you.

be part of a community.

You can join in the live Facebook classes with other crew members or catch up via the members website.


you'll never get bored.
There's loads of virtual classes to choose from - from Fitness Pilates to weight workouts. And you're never alone when you workout with the crew!

iron maidens online.

get results.

If you need to kick start to your fitness or need structure to your training, then this is the membership for you! Get physically stronger, build confidence, increase your energy and feel better.

be supported.
You won't be alone! You will be part of the Iron Maidens group of like-minded ladies who are on the same journey as you, doing the same training programme as you, at the same time as you. Chat, cheer and fist pump your achievements, and your progress, with the other Maidens via the fitclubwithel app.


be flexible.
Train when you want via easy to use fitclubwithel app, with a structured monthly group weight training programme for home or the gym.


let me help you.

I will help you with your fitness and wellbeing journey. We will find out why you have been unsuccessful in the past, uncover what’s stopping you from being the best version of you, and change any fears or behaviours that stop you from achieving your goals.


I will help you to make positive changes to your lifestyle, as well as stay consistent with your approach to your fitness, wellbeing, mindset and nutrition.

You’re not alone.

You will also have a group of like-minded fitclub Crew members who will also offer their support and encouragement, and who are more than happy to share their progress and personal experiences.


It’s all about community when you join the fitclubwithel Crew.

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