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Dieting challenges

  • What foods do you enjoy most?

  • What foods do you dislike eating?

  • What foods feel good in your body and sustain you?

These look like simple enough questions to answer, but if you’ve been eating according to meal plans and diet templates then you haven’t been considering these thoughts. Instead, you’ve been blindly following food rules that tell you what to eat, what time to eat it, and in what quantity.

Diet disconnect
Dieting disconnects us from our physical cues and creates a roadblock between our wisdom and food preferences. It doesn’t encourage us to think for ourselves and as a result, we don’t learn much about our eating behaviours.


  • Do you eat more when you’re at work, home, or in a restaurant?

  • Who are the people in your life who influence you to eat more or less? Why?

  • What time of day do you eat more or less?

  • What foods do you crave at these specific times?

Physical cues
One of the benefits of focusing on your physical cues is removing the food judgment and getting curious about your preferences. Instead of being riddled with guilt and shame at every meal, you’ve replaced it with a compassionate desire to give your body what it truly needs.

Foods the fulfill
While not every meal will be the pinnacle of health (life can be unpredictable and sometimes the best way we can care for ourselves is through a quick meal on the go), I encourage you to start exploring the foods that bring you fulfillment. No judgment. No pass or fail. Just an observation on what FEELS good.

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