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Goal Setting - Step 1

  1. Set your outcome-based goal.

  2. Get clear on your why.

  3. Establish your behaviour-based goals.

  4. Set your 'implementation intentions'.

Step 1.
Set your outcome-based goal.

Outcome-based goals are essentially the end result you’d like to achieve, and it’s often a numbers-oriented result e.g. losing 20 pounds, getting 10,000 steps per day, or being able to do five pull-ups.


Outcome-based goals are where you’d eventually like to be. Think of it as the destination that you point to on your map.

So in order to get to your destination, you'll need step by step instructions on how you will get there, like any GPS.

Step 1 task

Establish your outcome-based goal / your destination

  • Where would you like to end up?

  • What is your desired destination or result?

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