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Goal Setting Step #3

Establish your behaviour-based goals.

  • Behaviours contribute to outcomes, and that is why you will set some behaviour-based goals to help you achieve your main goal(s).

  • These are the action steps that you’re willing, and able, to take to move you towards your desired outcome.

  • Think of your behaviour-based goals as the road map that will get you to your desired destination.


  • Outcome-based goal (overarching goal) = Lower your blood pressure.
  • How you will achieve this...
    • Nutrition behaviour = Replace two fast food lunches a week with food from home.

    • Exercise behaviour = Walk for 20 minutes at lunch twice a week.

    • Lifestyle behaviour = Breathe deeply for three minutes every morning when you wake up.

How do you know which behaviour-based goals to start with?

  • Start by making a list of all of the behaviour-based goals you can think of that would help you achieve your outcome-based goal.

  • Then look through your list and mark down the ones that:

    • Feel like they’ll be an easy win
    • You are excited to work on

    • You are ready and willing to begin working on right now.

If you get stuck on this question, it may be helpful to identify what you’re not willing to do right now.

From there, continue to narrow down your list until you’ve identified one or two behaviour-based goals you believe will be easy and fun and that you’re ready to take action with.

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