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Iron Maidens VIP online.

£129 per month

per person.

Do you...

  • Want to lose body fat and tone up?

  • Need structure to your weight training regime?

  • Walk into the gym and have no clue what you're doing in the weights area?

  • Not see any progress even though you use weights?

  • Want the support from like-minded ladies to help, encourage and cheer you on?


Then this is the membership for you!
How it will help you...


  • Give you structure to your training.
    As an Iron Maiden member you will get access to the monthly group training programme. Each programme is designed specifically for women, and works all the muscle groups.

  • Give you the support you need to stay consistent.
    You won’t be on your own! Being an Iron Maiden group member means you will always have the support of your fellow Maidens via the fitclubwithel app. You can also chat to as well as cheer each other on. You will all be doing the same programme on the same month


  • Give you the accountability you need.
    Weekly check-ins will help you to keep track of your own progress as well as celebrate your fist pump moments.

  • Get the knowledge and understanding for you to succeed.
    Receive advice and guidance from my good self, to help you with your health and fitness journey.

  • Be informed.
    Information is power! You will have exclusive access to my members website which is choc full of fab advice and guidance that will help you with your journey.

Membership also includes.

  • Members discount.
    As a valued member of the Crew you will receive a 10% discount on any future fitclub health and wellbeing programmes.

  • Support from the fitclub Crew community.
    Our ridiculously friendly Facebook Crew support group are always there to share, advise and cheer you on.

Membership terms and conditions.

  • New Iron Maiden memberships are to be in place by 1st of the month.

  • Membership payments are to be paid in advance, and will be on a rolling basis, via a monthly subscription.

  • You can swap memberships, with notice given. It is advised to ensure any swaps are made within enrolment dates.

  • Your membership will be discontinued on cancellation/non-payment of your subscription.

  • You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, no refunds are given.

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