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You really enjoy weight training but...

  • you don't really know which exercises you should be doing.

  • you're not sure whether you should be lifting weights.

  • you're not seeing the results you want even though you're training regularly.

  • you're uncertain whether you actually doing the exercises correctly.

  • you find it hard to keep up with your training on a regular basis.


Your solution is Iron Maidens Online.

A female, online group monthly weight training programme, accessed via the Iron Maidens app.


Who is it for?

Perfect for females who…

  • want structure to their training,

  • want the flexibility to work out when they want to.

  • want a training programme that is created for women.

  • want to improve their physical strength.

  • don’t want to do it alone.

  • want to have the encouragement and support of other women.

  • want to share their fist pump moments.

  • want the flexibility to work out at the gym or at home.


Random training means random results.


Those who have joined Iron Maidens have…

  • Become physically and mentally stronger.

  • Consistently challenged their body.

  • Seen and felt change both physically and mentally.

  • Improved their mobility and flexibility.

  • Seen improvements in their technique.


By becoming an Iron Maiden you will…

  • improve your technique so you get the most from your workout.

  • increase your confidence with your lifting, as you see your weekly progress.

  • keep yourself fit and healthy for your later years.

  • improve your joint health.

  • improve your overall posture.

  • help to manage your menopause symptoms.

  • improve your bone health helping to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.


And you will stop…

  • randomly doing exercises at each session.

  • just banging out as many reps as you can till you ‘feel the burn’.

  • losing focus with your training.

  • increasing the risk of injury.

What to expect as an Iron Maiden.

You will have structure to your weight training.

  • You will have access to the monthly group IM training programme via the app.

  • Each programme is designed specifically for women, and works all the muscle groups.

  • You have the choice of a home or gym training programme each month.


You will learn correct technique.

  • You will access all your workouts via the fitclubwithel app.

  • There is a structured programme released each month, designed specifically for women.


You will see progress with your fitness.

  • Each exercise has a video showing correct technique and you can track you progress at your fingertips via the app.


You will get the support you need to stay consistent with your training.

  • You won’t be on your own!

  • Being an Iron Maiden means you will always have the support of your fellow Maidens via app chat room.


You don’t have to train on your own.

  • Sign up with a friend, and work out together, virtually.

  • Training with someone can help to keep you motivated, as well as spur each other to get that last rep done!

£55 per month.

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