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James journey


Changing perception

I was one of those people who had not crossed the threshold of a set of gym doors for the best part of 30 years - too put off by the ‘muscle mary’s’ and the number of people.

My wife was going to the same gym as El and was always saying how friendly the gym was but I wasn’t convinced.

Then I had a heart scare.

I took the decision that was my body saying it’s time to give up the anxiety of the gym. My wife introduced me to El for a quick chat in the gym and we hit it off straight away. She put me at ease in the gym and we had a try out (I think we were both interviewing each other lol).

Building confidence

El is the kind of PT that can bring you out of your bad day, pump you up and you end up feeling great about yourself after your session. We’ve even twerked and done the running man during sessions - I’ve felt that comfortable in the gym and in myself!

Since working with El, taking her advice on board on our reviews, I can see lots of results which we call our 'fist pump moments'. I’ve lost inches, I’ve built muscle, I’ve lost lbs, I feel fitter, my clothes are loose even to the point I can look in the mirror and smile at myself and say ‘looking good there buddy!!’


All thanks to how El motivates me and I even walk a little taller in the office. 

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