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Kelly's story


“I was “that” person…the person that had tried every diet on the market, juiced everything to an inch of its life, counted my points and my ‘syns’. On the run up to a big party or night out would starve myself in order to fit in my clothes and moan about it in the process. I had convinced myself that by doing one exercise class a week I was “leading a healthy lifestyle” and ended up in that continual process of losing a few pounds and then gaining more after.

I upped my exercise but I just wasn’t seeing any results and started to get down in the dumps about it all. I was very fortunate that I had supportive friends so I was still going to the gym but felt like my hard work just wasn’t giving me the results I needed.

This time was different
When I first started training with El, I knew from the beginning that this time was going to different. There was no strict meal plan or hardcore training regime. It was small manageable goals that at the time, I had no understanding that this was going to change my mindset and relationship with food. 


Using regular check ins and 1-2-1 chats, I have started to see that I am making progress, becoming stronger in my training and dropping the inches. I have the confidence to go the gym and train by myself (this was unheard of before) and give the boys a run for their money in the free weights area because I now understand how important weightlifting is.

El has built a community through the people that also train with her where we share our ups and downs and encourage each other through our journey. These people have been so supportive that they have become true friends and we often meet for a night out raving and dancing until the early hours.

Have I still got a long way to go? Yes, I have. However, I now appreciate that the weight took years to go on so isn’t going to magically disappear overnight. But this time I know I have the tools and coping mechanisms in place to support me and am strangely enjoying the process.

I honestly think that without El’s motivation, smiley face and help and support, I would still be stood waiting in the cold and rain outside a church hall on a Wednesday night - thinking of excuses why my weight hadn’t changed and the number of syns I’d eaten as I handed over my money. Now I look forward to our check ins and relish the thought of being measured, who would have thought it!

If I had one piece of advice for anyone starting out is that there will never be a “perfect time” and life will always get in the way. The difference with El is that she will support you and coach you through it when life throws you a curve ball that impacts your eating, or your training, Taking the first step is the hardest but you won’t regret it.

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