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Are you..?

  • feeling a bit meh about yourself, and have been during lockdown?

  • noticing weight gain around your tummy during lockdown?

  • feel nervous about getting back out in the big wide world?

  • think that things seem to be getting on your nerves more than usual?

  • eating your own body weight in Haribo (or bread - which is my thing!)?

  • not able to concentrate like you used to?

  • finding your monthly bleed is going haywire or has stopped completely?

Do you...

  • want to feel better about yourself?

  • want to manage your food cravings and improve your nutrition?

  • want to get into some healthy habits?

  • want to improve your self esteem and self confidence?

  • want to find a fitness regime that you know will work for you, and that you will stick to?

Then this 4-week kick start programme to weight loss and wellness is for you!

We know lockdown has been tough. And especially for us ladies who's hormones are raging, our periods have gone hay wire, we've been trying to home school our kids, look after a home and get through our day job!


Phew! It's no wonder we've not had any time (or energy!) to look after ourselves!


You're not on your own!

I have designed this 4-week programme to kick start your self esteem and get you back to looking after you as we move out of lockdown.

Who it's for:

Ladies over 40, or who know they are in early menopause.

let's have a chat.

1:1 consultations
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