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Laura's story


"One of my greatest frustrations was keeping the motivation to achieve what I set myself out to achieve as well as not getting bored."

Fresh approach
“I joined fitclubwithel basically because of El's approach that was different to anything I'd seen before. What I wanted to achieve seemed more achievable with the help and support from El.”

“My greatest achievements whilst I’ve been a member - going to the gym on my own and use the equipment confidently. It know that sounds really simple but gyms can be really intimidating for us females, so for me that was a real fist pump moment. Also keeping my interest and wanting to achieve my goals Still feeling motivated with both fitness and food. Making better choices in both has now become the norm for me, and I don’t beat myself up about it.”

Supportive community
“Being a member of the crew is bloomin' brilliant! I just couldn't do this without them! They help you when you are having a low, they kick ass!!”

Personal approach
“El's approach makes you feel that anything you want to do is achievable. Her continued support and advice is very personal to each crew member and their plan is tailored to their needs and aspirations. If you want a PT that has been through the same journey that you are about to start, then sign up!”

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