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Meet Hannah

Hannah joined the fitclub crew early 2020 and has been quite astounding in her commitment in meeting her goals, as well as her honesty and openness on how she is coping with everything. She has become a valued member of the crew and I thoroughly enjoy working with her.


In Hannah's own words.

Hannah says: “I became part of the online crew since the middle of April this year and part of the Iron Maidens sessions since April last year. I was losing my gym motivation and not enjoying my exercise the way I used to. As it was a big part of my life, and ordinarily such a big part of helping me stay well and sane, it was very maddening! I have been a part of El's Iron Maidens all female Group PT for the past year and really enjoyed her fitness classes at the gym I attend for some time before that. From what I had seen and know, I knew she could help me find my mojo again!”


Consistency and routine.

“Despite lockdown, I am back on my fitness journey and have lost the ‘corona kilo’ I put on in the first couple of lockdown weeks. Thanks to now having a routine and masses of fun online classes and interaction, I am feeling fitter and more motivated.”

Feeling connected.
”Ahhh the crew is one of my fav things and feeling so connected still with El and everyone else. What I particularly like about El’s approach is her positivity. There’s a perfect balance of realism and optimism which is my all-time favourite blend! It’s so relatable and makes things seem much more achievable. Also, she has a very tactful pleasant way of acknowledging reasons whilst gently breaking down any excuses!”

“I’m delighted with this fitness service and so glad I made the decision to invest in it!”

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