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Meet James

There's been lots of ups and downs since James joined the fitclub Crew. His journey hasn't been a smooth one but all credit to him. He's stuck at it and now his determination and consistency is paying off.


He's seeing changes in his physical appearance - by understanding his eating habits and preparing more fresh, nutrient dense foods plus he's dropped in shirt size. His movement is better and is improving his mobility and flexibility.


THE biggest progress for James has been the change in his mindset. This has been truly incredible and has brought in lifestyle changes and a new self-confidence that are helping to change lifelong behaviours for the better.


He's also...

  • Enjoying his training

  • Getting stronger

  • Lifting heavier

  • Pushing himself every session

  • Not giving up when it gets tough


Saying I'm proud of what James is achieving every single week is a slight understatement. He has really turned things round and giving everything he's got.

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