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Meet Sue

Sue's greatest frustration was that she wasn’t seeing any changes to her shape, despite everything she was doing.


By the way...Sue LOVES biscuits and cake and hates exercising...!


Sue says: “I’d been to some of El's group fitness classes and I liked her ethos and the encouragement. That’s what made attracted me to signing up with fitclubwithel. Being part of the Crew is like being in one family. We’re all in it together, no one is judging you and everyone is there to help each other. El is very knowledgeable and supportive, and the service El provides is 10 out of 10. This is about a way of life and it's an enjoyable journey.”


Sue still thoroughly enjoys eating cakes and biscuits, still hates working out (but I have actually found one exercise she does enjoy – yay!) and is now seeing the changes to her shape and, more importantly, improvements in her fitness, her posture (she likes to keep all that tension in her neck!) and her strength.


Sue can now do 10 full press ups – something she couldn’t do 6 months ago – and she celebrated that achievement with a fab tea of fish fingers, chips and beans! Yay!!!!!


I LOVE working with Sue. She tells me how it is but she just gets on with it and puts it 100%. And now we’re currently doing virtual PTs I can turn down the volume on my device so I don’t have to hear her swearing and whingeing whilst she’s doing her PT session! It’s just a win win situation!


So it just goes to show that being consistent, lifting weights, not restricting what you eat, and just doing what you need to do to get the results you want works! Who’d have thought it!

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