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crew members
online workouts.


Upper body, specific muscle groups, leg day and core strength focused workouts.

crew members
real-time classes.


Upper body, lower body, full body,

kettlebells & Trigger Point Pilates classes.


workout with el.

Real-time pure weights workouts with me good self.

Following a reps and sets format we will be working out specific muscle groups and they only take 20 minutes!

Please make sure you're fully warmed up beforehand.


real-time classes.

Join me for these real-time 30-minute classes.


There's a whole range of sessions to choose from, working every muscle group, and getting that heart pumping!



fitness pilates.

One of my favourite classes to teach and do meself!

Real-time classes that will test your technique and improve your upper body, back and core strength.

Never underestimate a Pilates workout!


stretch & release.

You know how important it is to stretch on a daily basis. 


And now you have no excuse!


A variety of Stretch & Release sessions, which you can also use as a warm up or cool down for a weights workouts.


trigger point pilates.

Real-time trigger sessions to release tension and tightness.

I highly recommend you do these AT LEAST once a week!

You know it's good for you!


pelvic floor health

Connect your core with your floor!

These range of short videos show you how to brace your pelvic floor, find your neutral spine and connect your breathing with your core.


All essential to know to help with pelvic floor, lower back & core health. 

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