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MENOFit on demand


MENOFit on demand is an online streaming channel that provides you with a variety of video resources from real-time workouts to bitesize educational videos to equip you with all the information you need to manage your menopause health and fitness.


MENOFit Fitness

MENOFit Fitness offers a range of virtual real time bitesize workouts tailored to the needs of menopausal women.


With lots to choose from, you can mix and match the workouts to suit your needs and time.

Each bite-size workout is short and effective, ranging from 10 minutes to 40 minutes. And are suitable for all fitness levels, with or without equipment.

Take the time to take care of your physical and mental health with MENOFit fitness.


MENOFit Education

MENOFit Education offers a range of tailored videos, expert advice and informative content to help you understand the key issues associated with menopause.

You'll learn all about how menopause impacts you physically, mentally and emotionally, plus providing tips and advice on a variety of topics including symptom management, curbing night time nibbles, sorting out mid section weight gain.


MENOFit Education is designed to give you the tools and knowledge you need to stay healthy and active during this important life transition.


MENOFit Nutrition

MENOFit Nutrition helps you understand how to keep your body healthy from perimenopause to post menopause.

With example meal plans, recipes and expert advice on personal nutrition, you will be able to manage what you eat as well as learn how to nourish your body to help manage menopause symptoms.

MENOFit Nutrition provides you with the knowledge and resources you need to make positive lifestyle changes to improve your eating habits.

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