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About Nicky

"Due to my job I can be working all hours of the day, so the flexibility of having my programme online is really important to me as it means I can work out as and when I want to."


"This flexibility has really helped me to stay consistent with my training. The online exercise videos are really useful in ensuring I have the right my form when lifting weights."

Structured training

"As I now have structure to my training and know what I’m doing at every session I no longer feel intimidated when I walk into the free weights area, and am more than happy to train on my own, something I didn’t really do before!"

Online community

"I enjoy being in contact with the rest of the crew via the online community and the additional support you get from El is great. Also, with my weekly check ins with El, I can let her know what type of week I've had, and if hasn't been great week,  then I just put it behind me and move on."


"I would highly recommend FitClub ONLINE to anyone who wants structure and flexibility to their training, with a great online support network."

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