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Any old excuse...

Well time certainly does fly when you’re having fun! Only four weeks until my photoshoot – eeek! It’s all getting a bit real now, and I will admit I’ve had a couple of wobbles about the whole thing!

Firstly I think it’s to do with the thought of stepping out of my ‘comfort zone’ by doing a photoshoot that's just focused on me and my progress. Something I find quite daunting! I've never been comfortable in front of the camera but have had to get used to it as part of my marketing approach. Don't think I'll ever get the hang of it tho'!

The past couple of weeks have also been a bit tough as my sleep quality has been a bit rubbish. I’ve been waking up at stupid o’clock and not been able to get back to sleep. I’ve been reflecting on the reasons why this is happening and the only thing I can put it down to is that my brain is just full of stuff! Busy as always in my day job aswell as my fitness role so I think my brain has going into overtime!

Normally when my sleep quality is impacted and I’m feeling tired, it has a knock-on effect with my food choices. Especially with the night’s drawing in and it’s getting colder, because I do LOVE my comfort food! I could have easily used the excuse of ‘I’m too tired’ to justify any overeating and not exercising but, with having a firm goal in place, I didn’t. I still had my comfort food (what’s the point of denying something that you love?) which I tracked and had within my calorie range, I also managed my exercise regime basing it on how tired I felt that session. I’ve also been having a weekly check in with my crew. I have found these incredibly useful and have really helped to keep us all focused, reflecting on what we are achieving as well as what we can improve upon, week on week.

It’s so easy at this time of year to sack off those good intentions and use any old excuse not to do what you set out to achieve, particularly when it comes to your health and wellbeing. And as a coach and personal trainer I’ve seen so many times clients slowly stopping doing what they had been consistently doing throughout the year as they lose their focus towards the winter months.

By bringing in some simple techniques has helped keep myself and my clients on track and kept us all focused on our goals – no matter what the weather is like!

So here's to the next four weeks of staying focused, improved sleep quality and ham and cheese toasties!

I'll keep you posted!



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