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Happy me?

Is it weird to celebrate 5 years as a ‘menopausal’ woman? Some of you may find that a bit strange I know!

So why would I want to celebrate this anniversary? Well, exactly 5 years ago this week I had a midline laparotomy to remove, as it turned out, a rather large dermoid cyst which had decided to grow inside me and subsequently destroy my ovaries. The little (or large as it turned out!) minx had been growing there for some time, probably years, without me knowing. Something, which I didn’t know at the time, is quite common. By its removal, along with what was left of my ovaries and fallopian tubes, meant my medically induced menopause kicked in BIG TIME post op! And wowsers…that was a shock!!!!

What, no help or advice?? Menopause is the next installment in women’s lives and one which many of us aren’t really prepared for. When you’re expecting a baby, you can go to pre-natal classes, get advice from specialists as well as have a mid-wife for support. But for those of us coming into menopause, we’re lucky if we have a women’s health specialist at our local GP surgery.

And then there’s the media! Why on earth they need to talk about the menopause in the negative all the time is beyond me - ‘suffering from menopause’ being a favourite. Ok, so it’s not all plain sailing but to badge this phase of a women’s life as ‘suffering’ really isn’t helpful, and puts us in a negative head space before we’ve had our first hot flush!

And this is why I am celebrating…

  • Celebrating the fact that I now know more about my body than I probably did in my 20s and I am doing everything I can to ensure I look after myself both physically and mentally.

  • Celebrating that I am constantly learning about what works for me with regards to my health and fitness, and what’s in my power to change.

  • Celebrating the fact that I have accepted who I am, what I look like.

  • Celebrating the fact that I have stopped comparing myself to others.

  • Celebrating the fact that this isn’t the ‘end of my’ life but the next phase and I’m going to embrace it.

So happy anniversary to me! ❤👍🎉

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Membre inconnu
26 juil. 2020

Good on you El, happy anniversary to you xx🎂🎵🎶

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