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Mind over matter

To everyone who watches the below video, it’s a just promo (a great promo video I may add!). To me it's so much much more.

For my Fit Club crew member James to have agreed to be filmed is a MASSIVE achievement and shows where his current mindset. The step change I have seen in his self-esteem and body confidence hasn't happened overnight. It's taken months of hard work, self reflection and coaching but he has finally turned that corner.

Everyone wants to make a change - whether it's losing weight or building muscle or improving their diet. But none of this can be achieved unless your mindset is ready for that change too.

Too many people rush into one diet and fitness plan after another, keep failing and then going back round the cycle again. They never take that time they've spent on reflecting on why they fail and what they need to do to succeed.

I've been working closely with James on understanding the 'why' and helping him to personally reflect, to try to start to change the years of embedded behaviours and habits.

His journey is far from complete but his progress over these past few months have been incredible, and are a real credit to his determination and growing belief in himself and what he can achieve. I have loved watching James begin to enjoy his journey and not shy away when things haven't always gone to plan. He is growing not only in physical strength but also in his attitude and mental wellbeing.

We all need help sometimes to help make that change, so never be afraid to ask.

Further information, support and advice

>> My new RESTART programme begins January 2020.

>> Find out more about James' journey:



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