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Setting effective goals

Have you ever set a goal that you haven’t achieved?

We’ve all done it! And it goes something like this…


  • You set a goal and feel excited and determined to reach it.
  • You work away at it, yet somehow miss the mark.
  • You wind up feeling like a failure, wondering if something is wrong with you, and you start to question whether you’ll ever get what you really want.

  • Even worse, every time you don’t reach a goal, especially if it’s a goal that you’ve failed to reach before, the experience reinforces your personal story about failure.

We’ve all told ourselves many times that we are ready to “get in shape” and that “this would be the time I would finally do it.”
And every time, your approach probably looked something like this...


Example goal - "I want to lose a stone in weight..."

  • Decide your only option is to hit the gym HARD 6 days a week for at least an hour and restrict your food intake.

  • You follow it for 2-3 weeks (maybe).

  • Life would get in the way and you miss a workout, or eat your own body weight in biscuits in one night.

  • Beat yourself up for “failing AGAIN” so decide this “working out thing” was too hard.

  • Spend weeks or months feeling like crap because you “couldn’t commit to anything”.

  • Get motivated again so decide I was “really going to do it this time!”.

  • Set a goal to lose a couple of stone.

  • Choose another hardcore program.

  • Decide to “start on Monday”.

  • Eat yourself into oblivion waiting for Monday.

  • Repeat for YEARS.

  • Routinely try and then fail, feel really badly about yourself, and swear that next time would be different.

So how can you change this process?

You can start to break that cycle by setting achievable goals. This will be your first step in your goal setting journey.


What you need to do now.

  • Follow the step by step guides via the button below

  • Then on completion of Step 4 set your goals via the form.

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