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Online Crew member

"The online programme works for me as it gives me structure to my week at the gym. I attend classes at the end of each week so I needed focus and structure at the start of each week."


"I love the fact that it's easily accessible via the FitClub ONLINE app on my phone."

"I enjoy the workouts and how they

change each month to keep me interested and engaged."

FITCLUBOnline Crew member

“I work different hours and away from home alot making it hard to organise regular PT sessions , so using FitClub ONLINE gives me a choice of training programmes as and when I need them.”


“What I really like about the online app is that it holds me accountable to ensure I exercise regularly and, having the online videos with each exercise, helps me understand what I need to do. So my I’m improving my form all the time.”

“The flexibility of being able to work out when I can, following a programme that meets my goals is really great. It also shows you your progress with each session, so I know how I am improving which gives me a real boost.”

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