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types of menopause


  • The average age of menopause is 51.

  • About 80% of us ladies reach menopause by 54.

  • You can expect the real effects of menopause between 4 and 12 years after your periods have stopped.

  • Irrespective of that, changes you have experienced with your body are with you for life! Certain considerations need to be made in what you do and how you move to preserve their heart and bone health (more about this in later modules!).


Premature ovarian failure/insufficiency.

  • Before the age of 40, then this is classed as premature ovarian failure/insufficiency.



  • There’s no real end date to this as you are post-menopausal for the rest of your life.


Medically induced menopause.

  • This can start whenever a medical intervention has taken place.

  • This can be due to treatment, e.g. cancer or a hysterectomy.

  • When both ovaries are removed you will be put instantly into menopause.

  • If ovaries are left intact during surgery, then you will go into menopause 2-5 years post-surgery.

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