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lockdown leandown

a four-week focus on fat loss & fitness

Are you ready to get focused?
If you have lost your focus during lockdown and are itching to get back on it, but need that help, support and structure then this is the programme for you! Depending on what the post isolation rules are then the programme will be adapted to suit your circumstances.

Who it's for

Anyone who...

  • Wants to lose body fat

  • Wants some focus with their nutrition and training

  • Will be consistent

  • Will track their food intake

  • Will stick to a calorie deficit

  • Will stick to a training regime

  • Wants accountability

  • Will commit to weekly check ins


What the programme entails

Consistently staying in a daily calorie deficit

  • I will set your calorie deficit and macro split based on your current weight.

  • Log all your food using MyFitnessPal - you can eat and drink whatever you want. This is NOT A DIET! 

    There are no restrictions. As long as you log everything and stay within the daily calories I give you. By tracking your food ensures you stay in a calorie deficit which is what you need to do to lose body fat. It also gives you a better understanding of what you are eating and why.


Sticking to a weekly training regime
You will to commit to doing:

  • x3 weight workouts a week

  • x2 30-minute cardio workouts a week (running can be counted as your cardio workout.)

  • Go for a walk min. 3 times a week

  • Stretch every day​


Progress check in

  • We will have a weekly group video catch up to check in with each other to see what type of week we’ve all had, provide support and encouragement, and set ourselves up for the week ahead. If you sign up then are expected to attend these – no excuses!

  • You will receive regular advice, information and guidance via the Leandown WhatsApp group.

What you will receive

  • A 4-week weight training programme via my online app - the programme will be adapted to how you will work out i.e at the gym or at home. The app provides video instructions on how to do each exercise.

  • Access to fitclubwithel virtual classes, via my members website, which can be classed as a cardio workout.

  • Access to the fitclubwithel Stretch and Release programme of workouts (covering full, upper and lower body), via my members website.

  • Become a fitclubwithel crew member for the duration of the programme.


  • The four-week programme costs £39.50, to be paid in full in advance of the programme starting.

So if you want to sign up, or would like any further information then contact me below! #whoopwhoop

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