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Meet Pauline

Pauline wanted to maintain the fat loss she had already achieved, as well as getting toned but also move away from the ‘dieting’ mentality she felt she had since her weight loss. She wanted to enjoy her food without feeling guilty or worry that she was putting the weight back on.

I have been working with Pauline since January 2020 and the progress Pauline has made since she joined the fitclub crew has been fantastic.

Changing mindset
It's never an easy journey moving away from a dieting mindset, and something that can’t be undone quickly. Pauline has listened and taken on board all the advice I have given her, putting into practice some positive behaviours and habits, both physically and mentally.

Pauline is learning to love her body, educating herself about her nutrition and understanding the importance of a nutrient dense diet without restriction or the notion of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods. Her strength physically – through lifting weights, as well as the improvement in her mental strength, has been remarkable in the time we have worked together.

Life as Crew member
Pauline says: “El understands fitness and health from a women's perspective, taking into account the changes that occur with the female body as we age. She has helped me to change and manage some of my negative unhelpful behaviours/thoughts I have with regards to my body. I love El's passion for what she does and her motivation, time and energy she puts into her clients, treating us all as individuals. She understands and helps you work through things, and she’s always there for me should I need extra advice or guidance. El provides a personal service that she has adapted to my needs and wants.”


I am incredibly proud of everything Pauline has achieved so far. As she continues with her journey, I will be supporting her every step of the way.

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