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Menopause Health & Fitness

Learning to understand your body, and cope with the changes can be challenging.


The MENOFit™ range of services provide comprehensive guidance, education and advice, as well as practical tips and goals, that will help you navigate through your menopause and beyond.

MENOFit is your one stop for menopause health and fitness.


We are dedicated to providing practical information, tools and resources to help women make informed decisions about their health as they enter and age through menopause.


And this range of services is specifically designed to help manage your health and fitness before, during and post menopause.


MENOFit 121 coaching

MENOFit 121 coaching provides personalised guidance and support throughout the menopause journey.


Whether you’re looking to change your nutrition, kickstart a fitness routine, or develop new habits, we can help you chart a path to a healthier, more well-rounded lifestyle.


MENOFit on Demand

Welcome to MENOFit on demand, the great resource for your menopause health and fitness!

Unlimited access to bitesize real time workouts, via the MENOFit on demand streaming channel, coupled with informative menopause health and nutrition information.


With regular check-ins, support and accountability, MENOFit on demand has something to accommodate all menopausal women looking for the best in health and fitness.


MENOFit Corporate

Looking to become more proactive and informed about menopause and its effects in the workplace?


Our menopause awareness training sessions are delivered either in-person at your place of work, or virtually.


And provide both line managers and employees with the tools and knowledge needed to de-stigmatise issues around menopause.

Not sure which service is for you?

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