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How to survive the menopause.


28-day programme

If you...

  • Want to understand what is happening to your body and why.

  • Have the tools and techniques to understand your nutrition during this phase of your life.

  • Want to set a foundation of knowledge and understanding so you can make informed decisions, and ask the right questions when seeking medical help.

  • Get into the right habits and behaviours for you to look after your health for now and in the future.

  • Want access to a variety workouts that will help you both physically and mentally.

  • Help and advice on how the best ways to exercise, even when you're feeling a bit meh! 

Then this is the programme for you!
Over the 28 days you will receive lots of help, advice and guidance on everything related to the menopause. The programme is broken down into bite-size chucks, with each week dedicated to a specific topic.

What we will talk about.

  • The menopause and you.
    Knowledge is power, so the more you know about what's happening to you and why then better equipped you will be to manage it going forward. This first week gives you all the background information you need - what the menopause is, why it happens, when it happens as well as the stages of menopause.

  • Hormones.
    These are powerful things and impact every body system. So by having a better understanding about what is happening to your body will help you to manage your symptoms. It will also help you to make more informed decisions when dealing with medical professionals.

  • Menopause and fat loss.
    Gaining fat in the areas you never used to is one of the most common symptoms of menopause (great!) so this week we look at why this is, as well as give you advice and guidance on what you can do about it.

  • Menopause and fitness.
    Find out why both your mental and physical fitness is particularly important in this phase of your life. You will have access to virtual real-time workouts and online classes, with expert guidance from me on the best ways to get moving, how you can improve your internal health, as well as understand what exercise you can do to reduce body fat.

  • Menopause and nutrition.
    Our hormones have a massive impact on our appetite so in this module we look at not just what to eat during menopause but also why, so you understand the benefits of the foods you're eating. We also look at your relationship with food, and how you can bring in some great habits and behaviours that will set you up for your later years.

How it will help you...

  • Be more informed.
    The 28-day programme focuses on topics that most impact our lives when dealing with the menopause. These include general wellbeing, hormones, weight gain, nutrition and fitness. Each week you will receive whole range of resources that will help you understand more about each topic.

  • Bring specifically designed exercise into your routine.
    For the duration of the programme, you will also get exclusive access to my M club members website, which is full of fab real-time workouts and virtual classes which are designed specifically for us menopausal ladies, to help you with your health and fitness journey during this phase of your life.

  • Be supported.
    You won’t be on your own! Hell no! Everyone on the programme will be part of our ridiculously friendly, exclusive M Club Facebook group. You will have access throughout your programme to share, advise and cheer you each other on. You can comment and ask questions, and have access to me if you have any questions, via the group. You will also receive regular information, advice and guidance from me on all things menopause.

  • Save money.
    As a valued member of the M Club crew you will also receive a 10% discount on any future M Club health and wellbeing programmes. You will also receive a discount if you sign up to the The M Club community membership.

Terms and conditions.

  • When enrolment opens, payment will be required on sign up to secure your place.

  • You will only have access to online information for the duration of the programme.

  • You will receive a discount if you sign up to the M Club community within 5 days of completing the 28-day programme.

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