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Is this you?

  • Has lockdown left you with aches and pains?

  • Have you been sitting more than ever since you’ve been working from home?

  • Do your shoulders burn or ache when you’ve been sitting too long?

  • Have you got lower back pain?

  • Does it feel an effort to get out of bed?

  • Do you feel stiff when you’ve been sitting or standing for too long?

  • Do you suffer from headaches, especially if you’ve been looking at a screen all day?

  • Do you get 'text' neck from looking at your mobile devices all the time?

Then El's Posture Programme is for you!


About the programme.

El’s Posture Programme will:

  • Teach you about posture do’s and don’ts.

  • Improve your mobility and flexibility to help reduce injury.

  • Give you exercises that will help you stretch & release.

  • Strengthen your core and back muscles.

  • Improve your posture when sitting (and standing), to reduce those aches and pains.

  • Get rid of your ‘text’ neck.

  • Help you put better habits in place when you’re sat at your desk or in your car.

  • Loosen up muscles and realign your body’s joints.


Who it's for.

  • Anyone who sits a lot.

  • Anyone who is on their feet all day.

  • Anyone who's not been moving as much during lockdown.

  • Anyone who uses mobiles devices.

  • Anyone who works from home.

  • Anyone who works in an office

  • Anyone who has aches and pains.

  • Anyone who has back niggles.

  • Anyone who has shoulder pain.

  • Anyone who's a couch potato or a fanatical gym bunny.

What it costs.




‘El’s Posture Programme’ is at an introductory price of £47. Payment is required to reserve your place. Terms & conditions apply.

When the programme starts.
The workshops will be on a Tuesday evening @ 18:45 (GMT) via Zoom. Dates as follows:

  • Week 1 - 27th April

  • Week 2 - 4th May

  • Week 3 - 11th May

  • Week 4 - 18th May

So if you want to:

  • Be more physically flexible.

  • Get rid of your ‘text’ neck.

  • Improve your posture whilst sitting and standing.

  • Reduce muscle tension.

  • Stop slouching.

  • Get rid of back pain.

  • Improve your shoulder mobility.

  • Stop your bones creaking.

Then get yourself booked onto this 4-week programme!

What’s included in the programme.

  • Weekly LIVE virtual 30-minute workshops via Zoom.
    Where we will go work through a range of exercises and movements that will improve your mobility and flexibility, as well as activate and increase the strength of core muscle groups. It would be great if you could do the sessions live, but we all know that life can get in the way. So if you can't make any, then there will be a video recording made available of the exercises from each session.


  • Access to my posture and mobility video channel.
    Bite-sized videos showing the exercises from each session, plus additional stretch and mobility real-time videos, that will help you to continue to look after your posture. And as we all know, repetition and consistency is key to making progress. You will also have access to the posture video library after the programme finishes.

  • Part of a private Facebook community, for the duration of the programme.
    So you are supported over the 4-weeks with everyone on the programme, plus access to me for any advice and if you have any questions you wish to ask between sessions.


When the programme starts.
The workshops will be on a Tuesday evening @ 18:45 via Zoom. Dates as follows:

  • Week 1 - 27th April.

  • Week 2 - 4th May.

  • Week 3 - 11th May.

  • Week 4 - 18th May.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?
Then get yourself booked on via the button below.
If you have any questions about the programme, then just drop me a line via or DM me via Facebook or Instagra

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