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Using Daylio

It has been known in the health and fitness industry that your mood impacts all aspects of your life from your attitude, food choices and the way you approach your training. Through tracking of your moods, we can start to build up a picture of habits that you are maybe not aware of.

Daylio is an application availble free from your app store to allows you to record your mood and activities on a daily basis in under 30 seconds. 


We will be using this as one of the tools to help understand your habits and patterns and understand some of the drivers to your mental well being.


Downloading the application is easy and is free (there is no need to pay for premium)


If you have an apple phone/ipad etc click here to download the app

If you have an Android phone/Tablet click here to download the app



The app is easy to use, but this short video takes you through the basics.

Sending me your diary for the week


In order for us to start to understand how your moods and activities impact you, it is important that you share the diary with me.


To do this, within the application:


  • Go to bottom right hard corner and press the three dots.

  • Select "Export entries"

  • Select CSV (table)

  • Send this file through email to

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