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Looking back to move forward

Looking back to move forward

It’s mid-year review time for my crew. To help them progress, I like them all to take time out to reflect, and I know this isn't easy for some. We can be either over critical of ourselves, or feel guilty when we praise ourselves, as we feel it may be conceited or self-centred. But without looking back, then how can you move forward??

I recently received this mid-year reflection from one of my crew which I want to share with you…

Body confident

“I woke us this morning giddy as a kipper to take my progress photos, never have I been that giddy to do it! And I actually looked at my photos for the first time and thought “starting to look good girl” which I don’t think I’ve ever done!”

“I feel like this month has really been a game-changer in my mindset. It’s like I feel 'light' and 'powered up', that everything has come into place at the right time and that something feels different about the 6 next six months ahead – I’m excited!”

My dress size doesn't define me

“As its half way through the year, I took the time out last week to reflect my progress against my 2020 goals and I’ve got to say I am starting to get there! My knee pain is under control and I feel like I’m ready to rock and roll! The one thing I have noticed when actually re-reading my goals, is that I had one about being 'a smaller dress size by the end of the year'. I then twigged how far I’ve come in these six months. A number in my clothes isn’t going to define who I am anymore; I realise I’m more than that. I’ll keep chipping away at the inches and the small goals, and I’ll get there."

Don't give two hoots

"Seeing my changes is bringing me pure joy. If I look back to how I was before I started training with you, I feel like a completely different person – more confident and also not giving a monkeys about what people have to say about how I look. So much so, yesterday I went out to the local shops in a spaghetti strap top which was unheard of without a cardigan! I felt like rocked that top and, if anyone did point or make a snide comment, then I didn’t notice or give two hoots! 😊”

And this is why I do what I do…

I ❤ my job xx



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